Statistical Data Analysis and Visualization


This is a two semester capstone course. The student is required to complete a significant project in computer science or engineering under the mentorship of a faculty member. In addition to technical material required for successful completion of a specific project, topics include identification of a problem, background research, social, ethical and economic considerations, intellectual property and patents and proposal writing, including methods of analysis and theoretical model-ing. A detailed project proposal is formulated in the first semester, and the project is completed in the second semester. Each student is required to write an in-depth report, and to make an oral presentation to the faculty.

In this capstone we will learn to use state of the
art statistical and visualization tools. Students
will be required to develop a visualization
project that analyzes a large data set. Tools in
Python, Java, C++ and R will be used.

Some Possible Topics:

* Working with data formats, CSV, binary, SQL databases
* 2D numerical representations of information, Scatter Plots, Line Plots, Histograms, Pie Charts, Bar graphs
* Basic Statistics, mean, standard deviation, moving averages, medians, higher moments
* Regression
* Classification
* Clustering
* Graph Charts/Diagrams
* Interactive visualizations
* Python visualization
* Processing Language

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