Estimating True Color Imagery for GOES-R


Collaborator: Don Hillger (Research Scientist, Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch, Fort Collins, Colorado)

GOES-R XYZOur group has developed a prototype of an algorithm for producing true color bands for the future GOES-R satellite series, despite the fact that it will only have two visible color bands. The algorithm works by integrating data from other bands, and in training from other satellites, to build a statistical estimator to determine the true color values. This will leverage current data acquisition to create a new virtual data acquisition product. It will also make it easier for users to use GOES-R visible imagery by providing data in color, which is an easier to visualize format.





Conference Papers :  SPIE 2011:  Virtual green band for GOES-R
Conference Papers :  SPIE 2011:  Estimating True Color Imagery for Goes-R
Posters :  NOAA 2010:  GOES-R RGB Prediction Using XYZ Color Space

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