A Multi-Band Statistical Restoration of the Aqua MODIS 1.6 Micron Band

quantitative Image restorationWe are working on an algorithm to reconstruct level-one radiances that may be missing, for example due to dead detectors on the satellite. As with some of our other projects, this algorithm integrates data from other bands and possibly other satellites to reconstruct the missing data. More broadly, using statistical  techniques, we can address a wide range of problems in data collection and transmission to estimate remotely sensed imagery virtually.






Conference Papers:  SPIE 2010:

Quantitative Image Restoration

Conference Papers:  SPIE 2011: A Multi-band statistical restoration of the Aqua MODIS 1.6 micron band
Conference Posters:  AGU : Increasing the Accuracy of MODIS Snow Product using Quantitative Restoration for MODIS Band 6 on Aqua
Conference Posters:  A-TRAIN: A Multi-band statistical restoration of the Aqua 1.6 micron channel for the A-Train
Journal Paper :  GRS Letters:  Increasing the Accuracy of MODIS/Aqua Snow Product Using Quantitative Image Restoration Technique
Journal Paper :  TGRS : Quantitative Restoration for MODIS Band 6 on Aqua
Conference Poster :  AGU 2012 : Seasonal snow cover of Yellowstone estimated with restored MODIS Aqua, and MODIS Terra snow cover maps


Posters: Quantitative Image Restoration (QIR)

Sample Data: Restored Aqua Test DataSet

Evaluation: Aqua vs Terra

Program Code is avaliable. Click Here

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