Graphyte Toolkit

Collaborators: Ken Pryor (NOAA/NESDIS/ORA), Ingrid Guch (NESDIS/ORA)

GraphyteA promising approach to addressing the problems of remote collaboration is to develop a platform based on a NOAA supported project called the Graphyte Toolkit. Graphyte Toolkit brings together several important components needed in a platform for NOAA collaborative scientific computing-including the ability to edit, build and run software in a variety of computer languages currently in use at NOAA-through a web interface.  The project will develop the components necessary to provide a full featured collaborative platform, including the ability to transparently scale and utilize HPC grids, clusters, and clouds. A collaborative system must deploy state of the art job-management to permit builds and experimental runs to be executed where appropriate computing resources are available. In this manner, NOAA can right-size computing resources as needed and exploit under-utilized computing power.

Student presentations: Graphyte Toolkit, Automated Software Testing and Deployment


Conference Papers:  SPIE 2011:

Graphyte software presentation

Conference Papers:  SPIE 2011:

Graphyte software for integrated remote sensing research using HPCC



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