Error Propagation

Error Mitigation

To efficiently use the limited bandwidth available on the downlink from satellite to ground station, imager data is usually compressed before transmission. Transmission introduces unavoidable errors which are only partially removed by forward error correction and packetization. In the case of the commonly used CCSD Rice-based compression, it results in a contiguous sequence of dummy values along scan lines in a band of the imager data. We have developed a method capable of using the image statistics to provide a principled estimate of the missing data. Our method outperforms interpolation, yet can be performed fast enough to provide uninterrupted data flow. The estimation of the lost data provides significant value to end users who may use only part of the data, may not have statistical tools, or lack the expertise to mitigate the impact of the lost data. Since the locations of the lost data will be clearly marked in the meta-data in the HDF or NetCDF header, experts who prefer to handle error mitigation themselves will be free to use or ignore our estimates as they see fit.

Conference Paper : Error Mitigation for CCSD Compressed Imager data

Poster : Error Mitigation

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